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What are the differences between organic and fresh food?
EU Organic Standards
Answer from Vinamilk Experts

In Vietnam, fresh food is often associated with homegrown or produced food following VIETGAP standards. However, it is very difficult to control the objective impacts affecting the quality of homegrown food, such as heavy metals from rain, pesticide residues in soil,… More strict standards like VIETGAP has control over water and soil sources but still can use pesticides with the allowed amount.

In the US and Europe, the trend of using organic food is increasingly favored for its health benefits, environmental protection as well as conservation of natural resources. Organic products need to strictly follow organic standards from ingredients to production. For example, to organic milk powder products, milk powder comes from green organic farms, where the soil is left untouched for 3 years to balance the natural ecology, free from chemicals, fertilizers, chemical pesticides,… The cows are free to graze on the organic grass, drink pure groundwater, be raised naturally and cherished.

Because of the extremely strict requirements, very few products on the market can meet organic standards. Therefore, you need to choose the products evaluated by prestigious organizations. Some of the trusted international organic standards on the market are EU Organic (Europe), USDA (USA), JAS (Japan), NASSA (Australia),…

What are the benefits of organic nutrition to children?
EU Organic Standards
Answer from Vinamilk Experts

The digestive system of children in the first years of life is still immature, so you should choose gentle and safe nutritional products. Therefore, organic nutrition is increasingly being favored and trusted by moms. Organic products need strictly follow organic standards from ingredients to production with “3 NO”: No growth hormone, no GMO, no antibiotic residues. Besides, according to research results published in the British Journal of Nutrition(1) organic cultivated foods also have antioxidant content that can be twice as high as traditionally grown foods. A large-scale study in the US(2) also found that the content of omega 3, 6 in organic dairy products will be 40-60% higher than conventional ones.

Similar to many other organic products, organic milk powder also offers many benefits for your children’s resistance such as:

– Strengthen the immune system with high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids
– Protect children from harmful free radicals due to their high content of antioxidants
– Vitamin content is superior

In addition to the safety and high nutritional value of organic products, some organic baby fomular products on the market today are also supplemented with many important nutrients for children’s comprehensive development such as DHA or Probiotics BB-12TM. You should choose Organic products to meet the needs and health of children.

(1) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24968103
(2) Benbrook CM et al. (2013) Organic Production Enhances Milk Nutritional Quality by Shifting Fatty Acid Composition: A United States–Wide, 18-Month Study

How to recognize organic products?
EU Organic Standards
Answer from Vinamilk Experts

To identify organic products, you should check the certification mark of organic standards on the product packaging and give priority to reputable manufacturers. Nowadays, EU Organic is one of the most prestigious and trusted Organic standards in Vietnam. The EU Organic Standard has the green leaf logo, along with the certificate number. This is a extremely strict standard that very few manufacturers can meet with strict requirements such as no growth hormone, no GMO, no antibiotic residues, etc.. to ensure natruralness and safety for children’s development. Therefore, EU Organic is one of the prestigious international certifications, helping parents choose the right and trustworthy organic products for their children.

In Vietnam, Control Union is a prestigious global entrusted by the European Commission (EC) to evaluate and certify products meeting EU organic standards. Products certified by Control Union will have to meet strict requirements from ingredients to production. You can find out and search for more details about EU Organic products evaluated by Control Union at http://cucpublications.controlunion.com.

In addition to searching information on the website, some products such as vegetable foods or milk powder have applied Blockchain technology to help customers verify product’s information easier. All of this information once entered into this technology cannot be changed or repaired. With almost absolute security, businesses apply Blockchain advanced technology to product traceability to ensure transparency and high reliability for consumers. With only one step scanning QR code, all information about the product is transparently displayed, from the product;s origin to date of production. Consumers can also verify organic certification easily.



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Organic Gold is the first super-premium formula product produced in Vietnam to be certified European Organic Standards, with 100% Organic milk powder imported from New Zealand and Europe.

The ingredients and production process meet the strict Organic standards: No growth hormone, No GMO, No residues