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What are the benefits of organic nutrition to children?
Answer from Vinamilk Experts

The digestive system of children in the first years of life is still immature, so you should choose gentle and safe nutritional products. Therefore, organic nutrition is increasingly being favored and trusted by moms. Organic products need strictly follow organic standards from ingredients to production with “3 NO”: No growth hormone, no GMO, no antibiotic residues. Besides, according to research results published in the British Journal of Nutrition(1) organic cultivated foods also have antioxidant content that can be twice as high as traditionally grown foods. A large-scale study in the US(2) also found that the content of omega 3, 6 in organic dairy products will be 40-60% higher than conventional ones.

Similar to many other organic products, organic milk powder also offers many benefits for your children’s resistance such as:

– Strengthen the immune system with high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids
– Protect children from harmful free radicals due to their high content of antioxidants
– Vitamin content is superior

In addition to the safety and high nutritional value of organic products, some organic baby fomular products on the market today are also supplemented with many important nutrients for children’s comprehensive development such as DHA or Probiotics BB-12TM. You should choose Organic products to meet the needs and health of children.

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(2) Benbrook CM et al. (2013) Organic Production Enhances Milk Nutritional Quality by Shifting Fatty Acid Composition: A United States–Wide, 18-Month Study




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