Hello world!

“He-he, I’m ready to start the jouney!”

Mommy, is it me that keep your hormone level  increasing, causing constant morning sickness? Pretty uncomfortable, isn’t it? Let Vinamilk Experts help ease your symptom with valuable advices on what to avoid during pregnancy and how to well prepare for the coming journey! Oh and one more thing: don’t forget to drink maternal milk with added Acid Folic to support my neural tube development, Mommy!

Plenty of helpful imformation from experts are there for you, let’s find out more!

“Oh, you feel my moves? I can hear you laughing and talking to Daddy!”
I’m still just a tiny fetus, but my limbs have fully grown. That’s just magical!

I’ll be good as gold from now on, Mommy, so you can say good bye to morning sickness! It is very very important to have nutrious foods, practice exercises, and drink maternal milk on daily basis you know,  since I’ll be growing real fast at this stage!

Your top priority should be maintaing a healthy lifesyle. Sufficient calcium and iron intakes will help prevent anemia, while DHA intake supports my brain development. Remember to stay positive and exercise regularly too! Register the page now to consult with Vinamilk Experts, Mommy.

We’re almost there, are you ready Mommy?

“Boohoo, the due date is coming. I’m gonna see you soon. Hurray!”

Oh, there’s not much space in here. It’s getting quite cramped in your tummy as I’m growing quickly. You now may find it a bit difficult to walk and also suffer from insomnia too. Sorry Mummy. My rapid growing also requires a lot of calcium, Mommy, so make sure you have sufficient calcium intake, so as not to suffer leg cramps.

Take rest, take rest as much as possible during this stage, Mommy, and get ready for the due day to meet me! Vinamilk experts will show you various techniques and skills to have easier delivery.


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