Advice from top doctor on flu prevention for kids

Due to immature immune system, children are vulnerable to infectious diseases, such as the flu, during the transition between seasons. Let’s hear some advice from our expert to help enhance the immunity and prevent the flu for your beloved children!

Causes of the flu

Flu is an acute infectious disease transmitted by the respiratory tract. In a changing weather, the immune system is weakened, which makes your body more susceptible to influenza. This is the most active time of influenza viruses, hence you need to carefully prevent your children and the whole family from being infected.

Why are young children at
a higher risk for the flu?

Babies are usually breastfed with breast milk, which contains antibodies protecting the babies from the flu. When the baby turns 6 months old, those antibodies are used up so the baby’s body must self-produce more. However, their bodies are weak at the time, so those antibodies are not strong enough to fight the flu viruses. Therefore, young children are very susceptible to the flu.

Simple but effective ways
to prevent the flu

Add good bacteria into daily diet:

Probiotic fermented yogurt fortified with billions of good bacteria is beneficial to your children’s digestive and immune systems. Among many probiotic drinks in the market, Vinamilk Probi is the most-trusted and benefit-driven probiotic brand recommended by most nutritionists as a reliable source to boost the immunity. Moreover, Probi is endorsed by Vietnam Medical Association, a prestigious health organization.

Maintain cleanliness and hygiene of surrounding areas:

As you may know, dusty and untidy areas are ideal conditions for bad bacteria to grow and invade your child’s body. Therefore, you should keep your house and your children’s items hygienic to prevent bacteria.

Improve your child’s physical health

Your child needs to develop moderate eating habits and proper rest to enhance both mental and physical health. Besides, you should encourage them to exercise regularly to improve health and blood circulation, as well as prevent common diseases, including the flu. Let your child sweat to detoxify with daily exercise, ranging from running, badminton, football, basketball or dance sports to enhance the metabolism of toxic waste.

Keep a safe distance from infected people:

Don’t let your child share any personal item with infected people. Always remind your kids to wear face masks and wash their hands regularly with soap after contacting with infected individuals

How can beneficial bacteria
help prevent the flu?

70% of immune cells are located in the intestines. Here, beneficial bacteria help reduce the adhesion of harmful bacteria on intestinal wall by increasing the production of IgA antibodies and T-cells that support the immunity. In addition, beneficial bacteria help accelerate the process of creating new epithelial cells to protect the intestinal mucosa from the intrusion of harmful bacteria. Thereby, your children will be safe from infectious diseases, especially the flu

What kind of beneficial bacteria
that can boost the immune system ,
and prevent the flu?

In 2011, Chr. Hansen, a global leading bioscience company in Denmark, published a clinical study with 1,100 subjects in Denmark and German. The result showed that Chr. Hansen L. Casei 431® Probiotic strain may reduce the duration of the flu from 8.1 days to 3 days, the incidence of using antibiotics from 38 times to 22 times and the use of other healthcare methods. Additionally, the effectiveness of L. Casei 431® in Vinamilk Probi on flu prevention for children has been proven in a clinical study conducted by Vietnam National Institute of Nutrition from 2015 to 2016. Children who drink Vinamilk Probi daily have 1 to 2 fewer days of flu compared to those who do not.

Vinamilk Probi probiotic drinking yogurt fortified with billions cells of good bacteria that can boost digestive and immune system, therefore, prevent flu effectively

Vinamilk Probi is a familiar nutritious drink to Vietnamese families. Each small 65ml bottle contains 13 billion beneficial bacteria which help enhance the digestion and immune system for the whole family. Always prepare 2 bottles of Probi for your child per day to enhance their body’s resistance and prevent common flu effectively!

The study results

From August, 2015 to February, 2016, Vietnam Institute of Nutrition conducted a clinical study on “Effect of Probi fermented probiotic milk drink on nutritional status and influenza in children aged 2 – 5 years in some communes of Hai Duong Province”. The subjects of study were children with malnutrition and risk of underweight malnutrition. The results indicated that children who drank Probi 5 days a week for 12 weeks (1 bottle / day) got significant improvement on their nutritional status and influenza, compared to the non-drinkers.

Significant reduction in flu incidence
during 12 weeks of intervention

Reduction in the number of flu days
during 12 weeks of intervention

Vinamilk yogurt

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