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The Vinamilk Organic Da Lat Dairy Farm is the first dairy farm to be certified with EU organic standards in Southeast Asia,” said Richard De Boer, director of Control Union (NL) – the independent certification organization on global scale, in the Inauguration of Vinamilk Organic Da Lat dairy farm. Vinamilk has marked Vietnam on the organic world map.


As an organic passionate, Mr. Richard De Boer shared his own experience of organic trends around the world as well as in Vietnam.


Sir, please tell us more about the trend of using organic food in the world today and what makes organic products so interested?
The trend of using organic food has been developing for years in Europe and the Americas, and is becoming popular since consumers are increasingly concerned about health.


Organic food, including organic milk, is concerned because it directs people to a healthy, natural lifestyle, free of chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides or genetically modified foods. In Western, we consume milk every day. Therefore, we test the organic production process very strictly. The organic farming process also protects the natural environment from chemicals, in which we believe will help to preserve the Mother Earth for our future generations.


Could you share the potential and direction of organic food in Asia and Vietnam?


I know that in some Asian countries like Japan, South Korea, etc., consuming organic food is gradually gaining its popularity with obvious health benefits. In Vietnam, I notice that consumers are concerned about food hygiene and safety, and how to ensure a healthy and nutritious state of themselves and their families. Some modern consumers have also turned their attention to organic food, believing that this is the highest standard of food safety.


The formation of organic lifestyle is not as difficult as many people think. In addition to developing healthy habits like exercise, yoga, … we can start a healthy lifestyle by consuming organic foods, as simple as with a glass of organic milk every day.
With the establishment and operation of the first organic dairy farm to be certified with EU organic standards in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, Vinamilk officially marked Vietnam on the organic world map. Thanks to the bravery and vision of Vinamilk, Vietnamese people can now access to international-quality organic milk produced in Vietnam. I believe that Vietnamese people would be proud of having a manufacturer like Vinamilk.


Could you share more about the European organic certification process for Vinamilk’s organic dairy farm?


In order to be certified with EU organic standards, every process of selecting cow breeds, land, water, feed, cattle care to dairy production must be strictly regulated with 3 No’s: 1) No growth hormones for cattle. 2) No antibiotics residue in milk and 3) No pesticides.


Vinamilk has put great effort in developing an organic farm in accordance with European standards. Organic cows are carefully selected according to stringent organic standards: they must be healthy and have strong immunes to adapt easily to open grazing conditions, using no growth hormones, for the organic milk free from antibiotics residue. Farmland nees to undergo a transition to a completely organic soil, free from chemicals. The Mombasa and Seedmix are also imported with organic standards: they are nutrition-rich and have good resistance to pathogens without the use of insecticides during cultivation.


To be honest, it is not easy to get the certification of European organic standards. But Vinamilk, with its 40 years of experience in the dairy industry, met the stringent requirements from the very first assessment. Three years ago, I was honored to give Vinamilk the first GLOBAL G.A.P certification. And now, Vinamilk continues to affirm its leading position in the Vietnamese dairy industry with the certification of “The first organic dairy farm to be certified with EU organic standards in Vietnam & Southeast Asia”.


How do you feel about Vinamilk Organic Da Lat Dairy Farm?


I am very impressed by the land Vinamilk chose to build the Organic Farm. Dalat has the advantage of rich basaltic microflora and temperate climate throughout the year, which is suitable for the development of extensive grasslands. The farm size of 76.2 hectares and 500 organic cows is quite large in comparison with other organic farms in the world. Vinamilk has made a long-term, strategic investment that represents its pioneering position in improving the quality of dairy products in Vietnam.


Thank you very much.


Green meadow of Vinamilk Organic Diary Farm


Mr Richard De Boer representatives of independent certification organization Control Union Netherlands share at the inauguration ceremony of Vinamilk Organic Da Lat dairy farm


Dairy care according to Organic standards


Vinamik 100% organic according to European standards

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