No poverty
Jobs for more than 9.506 employees.
Sponsoring VND 7.2 billion, and helping nearly 1,300 poor patients with heart and eye surgery from 1995 to 2022.
Local economic development: purchasing 177,772 tons of raw milk/year from farming households.
Buying biomass corn from farmers: 190,883.97 tons/year.
Zero hunger
Over 250 SKUs in Vinamilk’s portfolio covering all 63/63 provinces.
40.6 million glasses of milk worth VND 190 billion brought to more than 500,000 children through the Stand Tall Vietnam Milk Fund.
More than 155,000 nutritional products worth over VND one billion donated to flood victims in the Central region in 2022.
Good health and well-being
> 77% of the product portfolio are food supplements.
Providing milk for school milk programs in 26 provinces and cities nationwide for 15 years, benefiting more than 4 million children with a total contribution value of VND 54 billion.
Holding 23 communication events on nutrition, health and Vinamilk's products. Publishing over 63 health articles on nutrition for children, the elderly, women, and patients in 2022.
Organizing the program "Live healthy, live young", providing health advice to more than 10,000,000 elderly people in 27 provinces in 2022.
Quality Education
1,175 training courses with participation of 28,101 attendees.
Vocational training and support for local dairy farming practices.
Gender equality
No discrimination.
Females account for 30% of senior executives.
Nước sạch và điều kiện vệ sinh
100% compliance from member units regarding the permitted water consumption.
100% of water used meeting standards.
100% of production wastewater treated through a standardized process.
85% of farming wastewater that meets the standards after treatment is recycled and reused for cultivation.
4.99% of water in production activities is fully recovered, recycled and reused.
Affordable and clean energy
Rate of renewable energy/fuel: 86.8% (production).
Solar power installed at the Headquarters, 11 Factories, and 13 Farms.
Biomass steam green energy system used at 09 Factories.
Decent work and economic growth
High-income jobs for 9,506 employees.lao động.
Export to 57 countries and regions.
Occupational health and safety management system according to ISO 45001.
The Vietnamese consumers’ most chosen dairy brand for 10 consecutive years (according to Brand Footprint Report, Kantar Worldpanel).
The world’s most potential dairy brand (according to Food & Drink 2022 report, Brand Finance).
The world's top 5 strongest dairy brands (according to Brand Finance's 2022 Food & Beverage report).
The world's top 10 most valuable dairy brands (according to Brand Finance's Food & Beverage 2022 report).
Top 25 leading F&B company brands (according to Forbes Vietnam).
Industry, innovation and infrastructure
100% of the infrastructure reviewed to look for new investment opportunities.
Reduced inequalities
No complaints about inequality.
No complaints about discrimination.
No forced labor, no child labor.
Sustainable cities and communities
100% waste disposal service providers properly licensed.
No environmental complaints from the local communities.
Responsible consumption and production
Factory system certified to FSSC 22000, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, Organic EU, Organic China.
Farm system certified to GlobalG.A.P, Organic EU, Organic China, Organic USDA NOP.
Compliance with social responsibilities according to SMETA Sedex 4 Pillars standards.
Transparency of information to stakeholders
Good customer services
Ranking in Top 10 Vietnamese Sustainable Enterprises in the manufacturing sector for 7 consecutive years.
Climate action
Application of renewable energy and circular economy.
Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards 2021 (ACES Awards)
CSR and ESG Leading Enterprise Award – GoldVietnam Environment Award (Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment)
Life below water
100% of production wastewater properly treated before discharge.
Life on land
13 Farms and 01 Center for Dairy Technology and Embryo Transplantation certified to GlobalG.A.P.
04 farms certified to Organic EU.
03 farms certified to Organic China.
No field burning in cultivation.
No hunting of wild animals.
Using organic fertilizers instead of inorganic and chemical fertilizers on farms with arable land.
Tree planting to provide 37,100 tons of forage for dairy cows and crop rotation with legumes to green 1,182 hectares of pasture land.
Raising awareness on environmental protection among 75.000 students at 60 schools through the program "Teaching primary school students on waste sorting for environment protection".
Peace, justice and strong institutions
Giving comments and feedback on the elaboration and amendment of legal documents.
Supporting and accompanying the government in achieving 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
Promoting and establishing a Vietnamese mechanism for dairy export activities.
Sustainable companionship with suppliers, partners and farming households.
Cooperation in implementing a sustainable development project under the global DSF (Dairy Sustainability Framework).
* Details of sustainable development activities at Vinamilk are presented in the Sustainable Development Report 2022.