“Waawaa, I just tripped and fell. But it’s ok, I must learn how to walk!”

Not only my brain is developing at this stage, I’m also taking my very first steps. Falling is a part of that too!  But Mommy don’t worry… soon I’ll be discovering the whole world, and it all starts with standing on my own feet. You could support me by feeding me with nutritrious milk or teaching me walking exercises from The Journey of Nuturing Dreams.

“Twinkle little star, where are you? Aah there you are!”

From 1 to 2 years old, I am like a “little parrot”  learning to talk. You can improve my vocabularies through interesting games such as treasure hunting. But there’s more than meets the eye: nutritious milk is super important for my brain and height development as well as my communication skills. You can find more games for me here !

“Why do I have to drink milk, Mommy?”

“Why is the sky blue? I like it purple!!”

Tee-hee! I guess you must have had quite a hard time dealing with my random questions. Shh I’ll tell you… my brain development is reaching the final stage and getting ready for school. Would you like to know how to properly answer my questions and support my behavioral, emotional and intellectual development? Click here to learn more >>


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