Child developmental milestone at 3 years old

Look, Mom, my last molars are growing! Tee-hee, you are going to see the full set of my white baby teeth. The only embarassing thing is that I still bedwet at night sometimes. This is because I was in a deep sleep and couldn’t wake up on time. But this is ok, you could help limit this “incident” right Mommy? I’ll wear diapers until I learn to control my bladder. Until then, you could put a waterproof pad under my bed. You could also leave a new pajama and mattress cover right next to the bed, so that you could quickly clean the place without disturbing our sleeps. More effective tips on how to help me stop bedwetting are shared at the Vinamilk Moms club. Learn more !

Mom's check list

With a reminder board, it will help mom to remember more easily of what to do when taking care of our beloved babies!


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