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Bulgarian people’s secret to eat well and live well

Did you know that the nation of Bulgaria is proud to have had one of the highest life expectancies in the world for the last thousand years? What is their secret? Let's find out!

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Healthy food
for a healthy life

Enjoy a full and happy life every day with healthy eating tips!

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Yummy yogurt recipes

Bored of eating the same food every day? Try our recipes and menu ideas to prepare healthy and exciting meals for your family.

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Sữa chua ăn trắng Vinamilk Kefir
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Vinamilk Yogurt

Produced with natural fermentation technology using Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, Vinamilk Yogurt has a distinctive, pure and luscious taste, enhanced with calcium and vitamin D3, and helps your body to better absorb nutrients and build stronger bones to stay active and enjoy a healthy life..

  • Energy


  • Protein


  • Fat


  • Carbohydrate


  • Calcium


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Vinamilk yogurt - delicious and flavor food from nature

Bí quyết ngon khỏe từ thiên nhiên!

Công ty sữa Vinamilk không ngừng mở rộng nguồn nguyên liệu, đẩy mạnh đầu tư và nghiên cứu sản phẩm mới với mong muốn mang đến dinh dưỡng tối ưu cho người Việt