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Beauty inspired
by aloe vera

Tasty and nutritious Vinamilk Aloe Vera Yogurt helps you to achieve bright, smooth skin and a healthy body. Let's find out more about this miracle remedy for a more beautiful skin and body!

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Remedies for beautiful skin and body

You can find lots of simple but effective ways to have an amazing natural beauty using yogurt.

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Vinamilk Aloe Vera Drinking Yogurt

New Vinamilk Aloe Vera Drinking Yogurt, rich in nutrients which come from milk naturally fermented with pure European Bulgaricus cultures, now added with tasty crunchy fresh aloe vera cubes, helps to repair and refresh your skin so that your skin will be beautiful. The gentle cool sour and sweet taste well blended in each yogurt drop will bring you delightful enjoyment. Vinamilk Aloe Vera Drinking Yogurt – Delicious and good for your skin

Nutritional Information per 100ml

  • Energy


  • Protein


  • Carbonhydrate


  • Calcium


  • Vitamin D3


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Remedies for beautiful skin and health | Vinamilk yogurt

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