Yummy yogurt for brighter eyes

Chosen with Mum's love, delicious SuSu yogurt is enhanced with vitamin A and other essential nutrients to help kids stay healthy and active every day.

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Love your kids with good nutrition and taste

Tips from Vinamilk 's experts that help kids stay healthy, grow taller and boost their eyesight.

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Sữa chua Vinamilk SuSu hương dâu

Vinamilk SuSu yogurt drinks
Orange Flavor 80ml

Vinamilk SuSu Drinking Yogurt has a wonderful sweet and sour taste, now with added Vitamin A to help boost eyesight. Moreover, the soluble dietary fiber (Prebiotic) in SuSu Drinking Yogurt supports the digestive system, helping your kids stay healthy and active everyday.

Nutritional information per 100ml

  • Energy


  • Protein


  • Soluble fiber


  • Calcium


  • Vitamin A


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