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- To establish an agreement between USERS and the Company.

- The Company has responsibilities to ensure the legality of the contents uploaded on the website.

- USERS has responsibilities to comply with terms and conditions of use in accordance with provisions of the Company when they access and/or use any facility from VINAMILK’s Website. The Terms Of Use

- VINAMILK has responsibilities to ensure all provided contents on the website, including informations, and all Web contents that are not only legal but also suitable to Vietnamese customs and habits. ;

- USERS agree to comply with all The Terms Of Use provisions of using website set forth below.;

- USERS agree to read The Terms Of Use with carefullness and undertake to be bound by these terms. In case of disagree, you are not authorized to use these website.


- The Terms Of Use shall be valid from the moment USERS starts accessing the Website.



Statement of VINAMILK’s intellectual property rights to who reserving to the website USERS

- All copyright and other intellectual property rights in all site contents, including, but not limited to texts, designs, graphics, images, sound,software, codes and other materials on this site are owned by VINAMILK and affiliated companies or are included with permission of the relevant owner. The Copyright of VINAMILK is shown on the website: "© 2014 Copyright by VINAMILK Corp. All rights reserved"..".

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- USERS shall be deemed infringing upon VINAMILK's IP rights in case it undertakes any acts of reproduction, modification, distribution, publication or circulation of any or all parts of the site for commercial purposes without prior written approval of VINAMILK.

- The Company reserves the right to ask USERS to stop using VINAMILK Website, and compensate VINAMILK for any damages sufferred byVINAMILK (if any).




-Posted information on the website for purpose of giving benefits to consumers ( provide informations about the company, shareholders, product line but also nutrition information, promotion programs of the company)

- VINAMILK do not supply any advices or medical services. Displayed information on VINAMILK website is not for purpose of examination or treatment. You should meet your doctor to be provided best advisory services, including advice on diet or exercise programs.

Rights and responsibilities of VINAMILK:

- VINAMILK reserves the right to modify or remove contents and features of VINAMILK’s websites without notice . USERS are therefore advised to re-read this statement on a regular basis.

- VINAMILK reserves the right to apply security measures to ensure self-protection, and prevent the illegal accesses or modifications, disclosure or destruction of information.

- VINAMILK does not declare or take responsibility for checking the accuracy and reliability of any advice, opinion, statement or information from other sources or from any USER on this website.

- There are many factors that may impact the use of VINAMILK website, including but not limited to: your local network, firewall, your internet service provider, the public internet, and your power supply. VINAMILK takes no responsibility for any delay, disruption, and interruption of any data or other information transmitted in connection while browsing VINAMILK website.

- All impersonal information and documents posted on the website by USERS are not considered confidential information. VINAMILK reserves the right to use them for any purposes. VINAMILK particularly reserves the right to use any ideas or concepts that USERS upload to the website for all purposes, including and not limited to development, production, advertising and marketing. VINAMILK takes no responsibility to compensate or rewards USERS for these information and documents.

- USERS must ensure that they reserve the legal right to use all informations and documents uploaded on VINAMILK Website.USERS; which means VINAMILK shall not be deemed violate any rights of any third party.

- VINAMILK does not need to accept all documents USERS submitted.

Rights and responsibilities of USERS:

- VINAMILK only allows USERS to view, extract (print, download, etc.) or share the information on the website for personal and non-commercial purposes on the condition that they have to quoted notice about VINAMILK’s copyright as follow: "Copyright © 2014 by VINAMILK Corp.”

- USERS ensure to comply with the law and regulations relating to website usage. Do not intervene and affect other USERS’ website usage. Do not intervene in VINAMILK’s website operation and management.

- USERS are aware of and accept that VINAMILK/subordinated units/distributors/VINAMILK staffs are not responsible for any loss, damage or expense arisen from USERS’s decision when using any information on the website for any reason.

- If USERS do not agree with any information or any terms and conditions on this website, it is suggested that he/she should stop using the website.



The Terms Of Use is governed by the laws of Vietnam.

If any provisions of the Terms Of Use are deemed invalid according to the decision by the competent court, they shall not affect the validity of any other provisions of this Terms.


This notice and all provisions of terms of use constitute a complete agreement between VINAMILK and USERS regarding the use of all information on the website. VINAMILK can adjust The Terms Of Use any time by updating directly to the Website. USERS should regularly update The Terms Of Use when using the Website.

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