Vinamilk Makes a Strategic Move for Market Expansion in South Korea

12/06/2020 16:54:51 PM
HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, June 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Vinamilk has already established its presence in the Korean market. Various year prior to soymilk and milk tea, Vinamilk's sweetened condensed creamer had already been positioned as one of South Korean's top imported brands by sales volume.

Customers in Korea enjoy Vinamilk soymilk and milk tea

"With its unique and rich nutty flavor, I believe these products will satisfy consumers thirst in a more nutritious way", said Mr. Seol Boo Chun -- Director of VinaKorea Co., Ltd. He also adds, "Vinamilk's milk tea contain twice the tea leave extract comparing with the existing products in the market, allowing consumers to enjoy the deep aroma that has commonly found in European tea product."

Several efforts have been spent on a thorough preparation for a successful market entry. Collaborating with its partner, Vinamilk has conducted a wide range of market studies covering all aspects, noteworthy of which are packaging design, consumer flavor and taste preferences. In addition, all manufacturing processes are of the latest and most advanced that adhere to the USA as well as European standards, which in turn ensuring compliance to the Korean import requirements and regulations.

Vinamilk’s soymilk products are produced on the most advanced manufacturing system

Vinamilk's soymilk with different variants including almond, walnut and red bean, together with milk tea are distributed by the Vinamilk's local partner, Vina Korea Co., Ltd. Customers in South Korea now can easily purchase Vinamilk's products through popular e-commerce websites such as 11St, eBay and soon on 7-Eleven and GS25 outlets.

In Vietnam, Vinamilk is not only well-known about its high-quality dairy products but its soymilk and other plan-based beverage are also very popular and heavily consumed by local consumers, thanks to its diversity, excellent quality and rich flavor.

With its sustainable business strategy and solid growth over years, Vinamilk is listed on Forbes Asia's 200 Best Over A Billion list and the only Vietnamese Company in Top 50 of Asia300 Power Performers by Nikkei Asia Review (2019). This company has exported its products to 53 countries and territories during its 44-years-long history.