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In adults, Calcium accounts for 2% of total body weight and plays a very important role in strengthening bone system. Daily calcium supplementation is essential, especially for people over 30 years old, women during menopause who are lack of Calcium due to the hormone changes.

Understanding the importance of the needs, Vinamilk has successfully researched and launched Vinamilk CanxiPro with high calcium content from skimmed milk that helps bones stay strong, with its optimal combination ratio of Calcium and Phosphorus, along with Vitamin D and FOS to help maximize calcium absorption and build a strong bone system. In particular, Vinamilk CanxiPro is also supplemented with Hydrolyzed Collagen protein - this is the important protein accounting for about 60% of cartilage tissue, help nourish, strengthen joints and cartilage, which leads to healthy and tough joints.

1. For adults over 30 years old.
2. For people who want to prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, causing aches, and difficult movement


  • CanciPro TVI CanciPro TVI
  • CanxiPro KV – For strong bones, healthy joints CanxiPro KV – For strong bones, healthy joints

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