Nutrition Information
Diabetes and diet advice
In 1985, WHO defined "Diabetes is to raise blood sugar chronically, sometimes come along with several symptoms of being thirsty, losing weight, exhausted
Highlighted Activities
Get 01 super yoyo with purchase of 01 set 180ml or 02 set of bottle 80ml Vinamilk Super Susu
When buying 04 boxes of any Longevity Sweetened Condensed Milk 380gr will be immediately given a handy multi-function box.
Get 02 set of specialized bowls with purchase of 02 packs 200 or 02 tin 350g of infant cereal RiDIELAC.
On Februaby 18th, Vinamilk has launched the offical landing page of Yogurt with many useful tips to eat well and live well.
Nghe An was the very first stop of the Milk giving journey in 2015 of Milk Fund “Vuon Cao Viet Nam”, which marked a 7…