Research & Product

VINAMILK has never stopped researching and continusly improving product

Vinamilk’s research and product development staff always keeps up to date the latest knowledge on technology, as well as surveys the domestic and international market to find opportunities and ideas for product development.

Nowadays, the health and beauty trend with herbs is the first choice of consumers. Grasping that demand, Vinamilk has launched the drinking from Lingzhi combined with honey which is convenient for customers in health care.

In addition, Vinamilk  also develops juice drinking such as apple juice combined with aloe vera, fermented apricot drinking which keeps traditional Vietnamese taste and etc.…

Besides that, Vinamilk has Optimum Mama milk powder, a premium product for pregnant women and lactating mothers, which is supplemented with fiber, nutrients in order to enhance resistance, boost the immunity for mothers, limit illness throughout pregnancy period.

Attending to the health of population, especially children is one of the tasks that Vinamilk always cares and follows up. Among products launched in 2013, the Optimum Step 4 for 4- to 6- year- old children is a prominent product, supplemented with FOS and intestinal probiotics which good for digestive system.

Almost children refuse to eat fruits and vegetable, so that Vinamilk has launched three types of fruit juice, i.e. Orange, Strawberry and Vegetable Juice (including 13 vegetables and fruits). They are supplemented with vitamin A, C, D3, fiber…which are necessary for the comprehensive development of children.

Leaving the trail of traditional products, Vinamilk has launched fresh milk products which are fortified with Vitamin D, A and C, and some nutrients to help boost the immune system and Soymilk with Calcium, Vitamin D and Probiotic yogurt with 2 new flavors of strawberry and melon.

Vinamilk has much experience, professional enthusiasm and cooperates with global strategic partners. Therefore, Vinamilk will continue to develop, constantly innovate and improve to bring the best quality products, ensuring the health of consumers, and meeting the trust and expectations of local and overseas customers.