10 years of establishment, maturity, and development



Vietnam Dairy Cow One - Member Company Limited (VINACOW).

Certificate of Enterprise Registration

Number 5000268824 issued by the Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City.

Charter capital

1,820 billion Vietnamese dong (One thousand eight hundred twenty billion Vietnamese dong)

Legal representative

(Director of the Company)
Mr. Trinh Quoc Dung.


Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company (VINAMILK)

Company business

1. Raising dairy cows.
2. Producing compound feed for cattle, poultry and fishery.
3. Combining animal husbandry and cultivation.
4. Trading raw materials of agriculture and forestry, and livestock..


To set up and develop a system of professional dairy farms, properly with the international standards and Vietnamese law.

Assuring products’ quality, food hygiene and safety with reasonably competitive price, asymptotic movement toward uniform of World market price.

Business operation bring reliable effect for socio-economic.


Currently, VINACOW has 9 operating farms which include 1 farm under construction and will be completed shortly. The number of modern farms of VINACOW is increasing within the next 5 years.


VINACOW was first issued a Certificate of Incorporation on 14/12/2006 by the Department of Planning and Investment of Tuyen Quang province, and placed Head Office in Tuyen Quang province after VINAMILK bought Phu Lam Beef Breeding Center from People's Committee of Tuyen Quang province.

In July 2007, Head Office of VINACOW was moved to Ho Chi Minh City.


Tay Ninh dairy resort

The inauguration of Tay Ninh dairy “resort” which is Vinamilk’s one of the Top dairy farm system have been successfully certified following International Standard* in Asia.

(*) The Global Standard for Good Agricultural Practices


Organic Farm

Doing inauguration ceremony for the first Organic Dairy farm in Vietnam (Farm No.9), which has been qualified with EU organic standards by Control Union Certifications (Netherland)


Ha Tinh Farm

Inauguration dairy farm in Huong Son district, Ha Tinh provice( Ha Tinh Dairy Farm - Farm No.7)

Nhu Thanh Farm

Inauguration of dairy farm in Nhu Thanh district, Thanh Hoa province (Nhu Thanh Dairy Farm - Farm No.8)

2014 - 1015


Carrying out two projects

- Project Ha Tinh Dairy Farm (with 2000 cows) in Huong Son district, Ha Tinh province.

- Project Nhu Thanh Dairy Farm (with 2000 cows) in Nhu Thanh district, Thanh Hoa province.


Tay Ninh Farm

December 2013, Tay Ninh Dairy Farm (Farm No.6) with 8000 heads, located in Ben Cau district was approved to operate by Department of Planning and investment of Tay Ninh province.



April 2012, VINAMILK Dalat Dairy Farm (Farm No. 5) completed the construction and already for reciving dairy cows.



Conducting VINAMILK Dalat Dairy Farm Project in Lac Truong village, Tu Tra commune, Don Duong district, Lam Dong province.


Thanh Hoa Farm

July 2010, VINAMILK acquired all shares of Lam Son Dairy Products JSC including Sao Vang Dairy Farm.

August 2010, Sao Vang Dairy Farm was merged into VINACOW from VINAMILK and renamed as Thanh Hoa Dairy Farm (Farm No. 4) after being approved by the Department of Planning and Investment of Thanh Hoa province.


Nghe An Farm

September 2009, Nghe An Dairy Farm (Farm No.3), was done inaugurated ceremony. This farm was honored with the Excellent Dairy Farms award at the international exhibition for the livestock industry, animal feed and meat processing (Vietstock) in 2014.


Binh Dinh Farm

Binh Dinh Dairy Farm (Farm No.2) is licensed by the Department of Planning and Investment of Binh Dinh province to establish and operate.


Tuyen Quang Farm

Phu Lam dairy cow Farm transformed into a branch of VINACOW with the new name as Tuyen Quang Dairy Farm (The first farm).


VINACOW always considers the recruitment, training and development of human resources are our core mission. It plays the leading role in implementing the work toward the goals that VINAMILK is aiming to.

VINACOW has been providing scholarship for students whose got good/excellent results in university entrance exams and nominated them to Russian Federation for educating in dairy cows husbandry. Managers of the farms are assigned to participate in field trip to developed countries such as USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Israel, etc

The employees of VINACOW have high qualifications with graduate and postgraduate degree (40.1%). There is 38.9% of them, with good skill and experience, graduated from college. Remaining only 21.0% of employees are unskilled workers.

The Company invites many leading experts in dairy cows industry from all over the World to come for training and strengthening professional qualification for managers and technician.

Professor of Cornell University (USA)

- came for training in Nhu Thanh Farm.

Beside of internal training, VINACOW is now collaborating with Universities where educates Veterinary and Animal Science such as Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry, Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry, Vietnam National University of Agriculture, etc.; organizing field visit or internship in the Company’s farms for final grade students in the field of Veterinary/Animal Science, then, job recruitment after completing the training. As a result from investment in human resources, VINACOW always has a strong next generations to implement efficiently long-term investment strategies.


Recently, all cow’s barns were invested and constructed according to consultancy and modern technology in the world like USA, Sweden and Israel. Free-stalls were designed suitably to each developing-stage of cow; Super soft mattress, imported from USA, make the most comfortable for cows; Automatic water troughs; Robotic brushes; Cooling system with Israel technology, minimum electricity and water consume, operating according to THI (Temperature - Humidity Index) to create the most comfortable climate for dairy cows; Manure scraper system work by pre-set protocol. The waste is pumped to the automatic manure-press, solid part is kept in manure bunker for producing composts, liquid part is moved into biogas system, thus ensuring all requirements of environmental hygiene in animal production.

Automatic brush system

Cow’s comfort with the imported ceiling-fans system

Each individual cow is managed by an ID and pedometer via herd management system that were supplied by the famous branch such as Delaval, Afimilk, GEA. All information of milk productivity and milk yield, activity, early detection of health status as well as estrus cycle are managed by herd management program, therefore, veterinarians can check or do AI in proper time as well.

Cows are applied pedometer


Rations are made according to the advice of foreign nutritionist and mixed by TMR (Total Mixed Ration) method. Each portion of TMR ensures an adequate and balanced nutrition facts such as energy, protein, fat, minerals, and vitamin for daily need of each cow’s group. Compound feeds are produced in feed plants with International Standard* based on recipes of VINACOW’s nutritionist Roughages are strictly controlled since cultivating until harvesting. All ingredients are controlled for input quality and traceability.

(*) The Global Standard for Good Agricultural Practices