As one of the leading companies in Vietnam, Vinamilk is highly aware of its influence to the community and the sustainable development of the society. We understand that the success of a business is reflected in not only its financial performance in each annual report but also, and more importantly, in the prominent and sustainable values that it could bring to people.

With its legitimate interests and practical activities, Vinamilk has been known as the "Brand for the Community".

The concept of sustainable development defined by common consent:
"Sustainable development is the development that meets the present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."
Brundtland Commission


Phát triển bền vững
Human Nutrition

Identifying food safety as top priority, Vinamilk commits that each of its products is the result of a closed-loop production cycle which meets one of the most rigorous requirements for the quality, including:


Research and design for safe and nutritious products

Vinamilk’s product development strategy aims at safety and health benefits for its consumers, both intellectually and physically. Therefore, we have been extremely careful in every production process, from establishing product formula, deciding materials to packaging design, in order to ensure the safety for the consumers.

Moreover, we absolutely say "no" to unhealthy ingredients that can result in negative impacts on consumers' health such as preservatives in all Vinamilk's present and future products.

Safe materials

Vinamilk Fresh milk 100% with immune system support is produced from farm fresh milk mainly sourced from our dairy farms, strictly selected and controlled to ensure food hygiene and safety.

Imported raw materials are sourced from the prestigious suppliers of America, Australia, New Zealand, France, etc.

Modern equipment and technologies

To ensure the perfect quality of its products, Vinamilk has consistently been researching and investing in modern equipment and technologies. We proudly own one of the most advanced manufacturing chains that keep up with the world's leading milk production technologies.

Management and quality control in compliance with international standards.

Vinamilk has highly paid attention to product quality control and management. We have therefore applied advanced management systems such as BRC and ISO 17025 to strictly and thoroughly manage all manufacturing stages including pre, mid and post production in order to ensure the quality and safety of Vinamilk's products. In addition, a product tracking system has also been applied to the product recall and the disposal process of faulty products in order to minimize the possible negative impacts on consumers and society.

Explicit and thorough information for consumers

Vinamilk commits to deliver explicit and thorough information about its products including ingredients, nutritional values and preservation guidelines to help consumers choose and use Vinamilk's products that fit and satisfy their needs.

Human Nutrition


Understanding the key importance of fresh materials in high-quality milk production, in 2013, Vinamilk continued to promote the development of its modern and large-scale dairy farms to boost the supply of safe and highly nutritious fresh milk.

Vinamilk's dairy farm system and its subsidiaries are currently running six dairy cow farms in Tuyen Quang, Nghe An, Thanh Hoa, Binh Dinh and Lam Dong and Ha Tinh provinces with the total herd size of about 10,000 dairy cows. In 2013, Vinamilk implemented its investment in three more new dairy farms in Tay Ninh, Thanh Hoa, which are expected to operate in the period 2015 - 2016.

Together with the development in scale, Vinamilk’s dairy farms have also promoted to increase the quality of its business performances. Till September 2014, five dairy farms of Vinamilk were verified to meet the ISO 9001:2008 by the Breau Veritas organization and three farms were verified to have Global GAP by Control Union organization.


Managing safe production

In 2013, Vinamilk was certified for obtaining the HACCP system with the new version RVA5 (released in 2012). In 2014, Vinamilk was certified to Halal standard (specified for Muslim food consumption). In the 3rd Quarter of 2014, five manufacturing plants of Vinamilk continue to be certified to FSSC 22000 and the remaining plants are expected to have certification in 2015. All international standards prove that Vinamilk’s products meet severe requirement of all continents in the world.

Advanced production technologies and equipment

In 2013, Vinamilk began to put into operation two production plants with high capacity and one of the world's most modern milk production technologies, Vietnam Children's Powdered Milk Factory in Binh Duong and Vietnam Milk Factory. The production lines used in these two plans have a high level of automation and the products are produced under a closed-loop production cycle which can minimize faults and external effects on products.

Standardizing method and equipment for quality examination

In 2014, all laboratories at Vinamilk’s factories were granted ISO 17025 certification (standards for laboratory) and standardized all testing methods to meet quality assurance and control in our laboratories.


Vinamilk continues to do research and put on the market more products of increasing quality, applying the world’s latest state-of-the-art studies on nutrients and bringing a wide range of healthy products that meet the nutritional requirements of all customers.

• The nutrition product for pregnant and breastfeeding women labeled Dielac Optimum Mama brings nutritional benefits for both mothers and babies.

• In 2014, Vinamilk launched Dielac Alpha Gold product line for infants and toddlers specializing in brain development.

• In cooperation with National Institute of Nutrition, in 2014 Vinamilk launched a nutrition product for diabetics labeled Diecerna which was clinically tested with a Glycemic Index of 27.6. Diecerna not only helps stabilize blood glucose but also provides balanced and easily absorbed nutrition and for diabetic patients and those with high risk of diabetes.

• Vinamilk CanxiPro is another nutrition product with low fat, added calcium and other nutrients to help build strong bones. In addition, with 9% Collagen added, the formula helps enhance the toughness of the articular cartilage, preventing osteoarthritis, and with Vitamin K2, it effectively transfers Calcium to the bones.

Environment & energy

As a producer, Vinamilk is always aware that any business activity may have an impact on the environment to a certain extent. Therefore, we have always attempted to pursue solutions that can help minimize negative impacts on the environment and find the efficient way in using both natural and energy resources. These sought-after solutions aim at the efficiency of utilizing the input (material, energy and water resources) while controlling the output in order to decrease negative impacts on the environment.

Energy goals set for the period from 2012 to 2017

1. Saving energy by at least 3% after 5 years of implementation.

2. Minimizing the amount of CO2 emissions and waste that cause greenhouse effect.

3. Building and applying energy management in compliance with the ISO 50001:2011 standard on Energy Management to all Vinamilk's factories.


Being aware that energy efficiency has been one of the biggest concerns in recent years and may also be in the future, Vinamilk has been in the process of achieving its goals of energy efficiency by applying various measures, including:

• Improving management quality.

• Increasing the use of clean and renewable energy resources.

• Using energy saving equipment for lighting.


Water is an important natural resource, utilized in all Vinamilk's production processes. Being aware of the importance of water to human life, especially in the context that groundwater has been depleted and polluted, Vinamilk commits to effective and economical use of water by applying economical recycling solutions.


With its goals of minimizing negative impacts on the environment, Vinamilk has approached the emission issues since the first stage of construction planning procedures. As a result, during its operation process, Vinamilk has always strived to strictly manage these issues. We are proud that Vinamilk has been operating the management mechanism of waste and emission treatment to ensure the safety of the environment by applying advanced standards to all Vinamilk's activities and to continuously improve in the future.


Environmental activities call for the joint participation of the whole society. Therefore, besides focusing on its own business activities, Vinamilk has also shows interest in community activities that aim to promote the environmental awareness and contributes to create a healthy living environment. "One million trees for Vietnam" Fund is one of those activities that reflects this strategic orientation.

More details of "One million trees for Vietnam" Fund

Environment & energy


At present, all Vinamilk's factories have been established and are operating the energy management system pursuant to the ISO 50001:2011 standard. According to its plan in 2014, Vinamilk will have an exterior audit conducted on its implementation of this standard.

In 2013, Vinamilk conducted energy audits at three more factories, increasing the total number of factories that received an energy audit to nine.


As per the program's orientation in protecting energy resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Vinamilk has transferred to the use of clean and renewable energy resources such as CNG and BIOMASS to replace the traditional FO and DO oils.

Vinamilk's goal is to apply these energy resources to all its factories, in which:

• Biomass fuel is used in factories that meet the requirements of ground area.

• CNG fuel is used in factories where ground area is limited.


In 2013, Vinamilk completed a pilot project to increase the effectiveness of energy consumption in lighting at Saigon Dairy Factory. This project included a design adjustment to optimize capacity and the use of energy saving lighting devices such as LED and Compact T5-T8 lamps. This helped to save up to 70% of the energy consumption in lighting compared with traditional high voltage lamps.


The most modern waste control system was first put into operation at the Vietnam Milk Factory and Vietnam Powdered Milk Factory in 2013.

These two have been the biggest liquid and powdered milk factories of Vinamilk. Due to their large scales, we have considered implementing the waste management project at these two facilities from the design stage to meet our environmental management target.

Since the early days of operation, these two factories have used the modern sewage treatment systems that meet the QCVN 40:2011 standards on industrial sewage, with a total investment of over VND 50 billion. These environmental management systems also meet the ISO 14001:2004 standard. It is expected that a factory audit will be conducted at these two factories in 2014, resulting in certification to the ISO 14001:2004 on Environment Management.

Waste treatment process at factories

Solid waste

Solid waste is classified into two groups, hazardous and non-hazardous. Solid waste is collected and stored in separate places. Hazardous solid waste and sludge will be transferred to licensed waste treatment services which have the specialized knowledge and competence to collect and process waste.

Liquid waste

Sewage is disposed of during the production, equipment cleaning and other activities at Vinamilk's factories. Sewage will be collected and processed in the sewage treatment system. Vinamilk commits to ensure that only treated water that satisfies disposal standard can then be disposed to the general discharge system or into the environment.

Exhaust fumes

Exhaust fumes are produced from the fuel burning process in steam boilers and treated with absorption towers.

Waste treatment process at farms

In 2013, Vinamilk continued investing in the sewage treatment system for a new farm in Lam Dong and completed building the complete processing solutions for its remaining farms. It is expected that the implementation of the treatment system will start in mid-2014.


The "One million trees for Vietnam" Fund launched in 2012 was a collaborative activity of Vietnam Environment Association (VEA) and Vfresh beverages, a brand of Vinamilk. The program aimed at improving the living environment for people in urban areas by planting more trees. The program was extended to areas where trees have practical benefits for the community such as residential areas, public areas, central routes, and schools, etc. in big cities across the country.

In 2013, the Fund implemented the tree-planting program at two provinces, Hue and Dalat. In Hue, the program planted twenty valuable species of trees including Erythrophleum fordii, Michelia, Sindora siamensis, Wild almond, Baobab, etc. at the Quang Trung Emperor memorial campus, a national historical monument on Bân mountain, An Tay, Hue. In Dalat, the Fund contributed 2,700 woody bougainvillea and golden wonder trees to Dalat University's campus.

Developing local economy

In all of its activities, Vinamilk always aims at connecting the company's growth to the common development of both local and national economies.


• Always complying with laws and regulations stipulated in where Vinamilk has operation activities.

• Ensuring that all statistics and numeric data reported to the authority agencies are precise, honest, complete and timely.

• Actively participating into programs launched by the Government to stabilize and develop the national economy.

• Completely fulfilling tax duties and other obligations stipulated by the law of the countries in which Vinamilk operates.


In the localities where Vinamilk has its business and production activities, the company always aims at connecting its production scale expansion with the development of local economy:

• Investing in facilities, contributing to the local infrastructure development.

• Creating jobs and vocational training opportunities for local labour force.


• Applying the world's advanced technologies in dairy cow breeding to Vinamilk’s farms to contribute to the development of Vietnam’s dairy cow breeding industry.

• Supporting farmers by providing them with finance, facilities, techniques and technologies in breeding.

• Having policies in procurement of agricultural commodities to ensure farmers’ benefit through the commitments of stable purchasing quantities and competitive prices.

Developing local economy


Establish farms and apply advanced breeding techniques

Vinamilk is proud to be one of the leading companies contributing to the development of the dairy cow breeding industry with modern methods and effective improvements to enhance product values for both Vinamilk and dairy cow breeding households in Vietnam.

Till the end of 2013, Vinamilk owns five dairy cow breeding farms with stable operations on total 170 hectares and total herd size of 8,800 dairy cows. The consistent objective throughout the company's strategy of developing material areas is to always keep updated and be determined in investing and applying advanced breeding technologies.

Develop along with dairy cow breeders

Apart from developing its large-scale farm model, Vinamilk has accompanied the dairy cow breeders in developing material areas and improving operational efficiency of breeding households.

• Creating stable output and reasonable purchasing prices for the breeders.

• Supporting the breeders in production development and effective improvements.

• Promoting the development of related agricultural products including feed products for dairy cows (such as corn, King grass or fresh straw, etc.).

In 2013, Vinamilk promoted activities to encourage agricultural development, such as training programs on breeding techniques to share with the farmers modern techniques and technologies:

• Conducted 44 training courses "Instructions on dairy cow breeding techniques” with the participation of 1,605 households across the country.

In addition, to support breeding households for a warm traditional Tet (Lunar New Year holidays), as well as to consolidate the relationship between Vinamilk and the households, the company implemented a program named "Accumulate points with Vinamilk for a warm and joyful Tet”. In this program, Vinamilk supported 4,724 households with over VND 18 billion, which is on average VND 3.8 million per household


With the strategy of expanding dairy farm scales, Vinamilk started to implement its investment in projects in Ha Tinh, Thanh Hoa and Tay Ninh in 2013. When these projects come into operation in the period 2014 - 2015, Vinamilk will, in both direct and indirect manner, contribute to create job opportunities for local people.

Moreover, by developing its product distribution network, Vinamilk has contributed to establish a system with more than 250 enterprises and over 4,500 stable jobs in different provinces and cities across the country.


The market stabilization program for dairy products in Ho Chi Minh City is a program which was launched and promulgated by the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City. It aimed at helping consumers to approach safe, high-quality and nutritious dairy products at reasonable prices while contributing to social security.

Vinamilk has actively participated in this program since 2008. Accordingly, Vinamilk commits to supply dairy products for the market at a stable and reasonable price. By the same token, the participants of the program are committed to supply commodities under the coordination of the City’s Department of Industry and Trade.



The desire for working under safe conditions and good health care is a legitimate aspiration of the workforce. Therefore, Vinamilk commits to:

• Fully provide employees with PPE - personal protective equipment and safety measures to ensure the safety for employees during their working process

• Organize annual safety guidelines and drilling programs for employees.

• Establish anti-fire systems at the headquarters and all working facilities and ensure that 100% of employees are trained on fire prevention and suppression once a year.

• Implement health care programs and provide employees with comprehensive health and accident insurance, in addition to the health insurance coverage under the provisions of Vietnam's Law.


With its current scale, Vinamilk is the workplace of approximately 5,000 employees from various fields and industries who work in different conditions (offices, manufacturing factories, farms, etc.). Our desire is to create a cultural and civilized working environment for our employees. To this end, we have always been consistent with and encouraged our employees to follow the principles of respectful and equal treatment to each other, regardless of their genders, regions and religions.


The relationship between the Vinamilk corporation and its employees is established on a voluntary basis. Vinamilk commits that:

• All employees’ rights under Labour Law are guaranteed.

• Vinamilk absolutely does not use child labour and forced labour.

• The collective labour agreement is applied to all employees.

• Trade Union represents employees and protects their rights.


In recognition and appreciation towards employees’ efforts to contribute to Vinamilk’s growth and success, we ensure that all of our employees receive what they deserve. At Vinamilk, we have policies of pay transparency and equality to ensure that employees' salaries are in respect to their efforts and contribution. In addition, Vinamilk offers its employees a portion of the company’s profits based on the business' annual performance in order to encourage their efforts.


At Vinamilk, we are clearly aware of the importance of staff development in terms of creating a positive and efficient working environment. A significant part of our budget is thus allocated for annual staff training programs, both internally and externally. Our desire is to create the best opportunities and conditions for our staff to improve their knowledge and personal development and in turn, contribute to the development of the company and community.


In its viewpoint of employees, Vinamilk is concerned not only about its own employees but also its partners’ who work in the supply chains.

Labour providers are supposed to follow Vinamilk's requirements:

• To sign labour contracts with employees who are going to work for Vinamilk.

• To pay social insurance premiums, organize trade union activities and implement other policies for employees in accordance with the Labour Law.

• To provide 24/24 accident insurance for employees

All these requirements are clearly indicated in the contracts between Vinamilk and labour providers. We also agree to include all incurred charges into our service costs.

Partners in the distribution chains

Ensuring the rights of employees is one of the most important criteria which helps Vinamilk in selecting partners and maintaining a collaborative relationship. During the cooperation, we always attempt to support our partners in terms of ensuring the best benefits for their employees.



Activities on labour safety in the year 2013:

• Labour safety training for 100% of employees working in factories, plants and farms.

• Fire training and fire drill for 100% of employees.

• Personal hygiene and safety network (ATVSV) set up at 13 factories and 02 warehouses. ATVSV teams take charge of checking labour hygiene and safety at their workshops. This force is also in charge of propagandizing knowledge of safety and hygiene to their group members. These in-charge teams are frequently trained and make periodical reports.

Employees’ health care

• Health care divisions set up at all Vinamilk's fields of operation.

• Annual check-ups for hundreds of employees as per the collective labour agreement: once a year for male employees and twice a year for female.

• Anti-flu vaccination for all Vinamilk’s employees in the year of 2013.

• Accident and health insurance coverage provided in addition to the insurance program under the provisions of Vietnam's law in order to bring a better health care for all Vinamilk’s employees. This program has expanded for all employees since 2014. The insurance limit includes:

- 24/24 accident insurance for employees.

- Overall health insurance coverage: employees will be insured for both inpatient and outpatient treatment, maternity and dental care.

- As for deaths or injuries caused by work-related accidents: the value of insurance compensation is up to that of the last 30 monthly salaries.

- Health insurance coverage for relatives of the management board.


A mechanism of receiving and solving employees' feedback and complaints has been established and maintained. This includes:

• The Human Resource Department of the company and the Administration - Human Resource Division at all of its operating units

• Local trade unions

• Direct channel to receive information:

Trade unions and youth unions at each operating unit organize after-work entertainment activities for employees.


Vinamilk's pay scale is built upon the Merce system. Vinamilk monthly conducts employee evaluations based on the methods of Performance Appraisal and Management by Objective. The evaluation results are the basis of the decisions regarding annual salary increases and year-end bonuses.

In 2013, the average salary increase is 22.7%, higher than those of earlier years (2012: 18.5%, 2011: 10%).


In 2013, Vinamilk spent VND 6.5 billion for the internal and external training programs.

The successive staff promotion program was organized to develop potential staff to fill the key positions in the company. This program brought opportunities for employees to be trained, challenged and developed in their career for their contributions towards the company. The program finished its 1st stage in 2013 and continues in 2014.



In 2013, Vinamilk started to support its distributors in purchasing the 24/24 accident insurance coverage for their sales teams working at the distribution locations. It is expected that in 2014, 100% of these distributors’ employees will be provided with this accident insurance coverage.

Support & develop the community


There are currently many disadvantaged Vietnamese children who have not received the right nutritional care, with diets that consist of little milk—or sometimes they even have no idea of what milk is. This has led to a limitation of physical and intellectual development in children. The Stand Tall Vietnam Milk Fund was established in 2008 under the chairmanship of the National Fund for Children of Vietnam - Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs in collaboration with Vinamilk. The fund aims to assist disadvantaged children all over the country by a simple and practical act: providing cups of nutritious milk to support their physical and mental development for a brighter future. The Milk Fund’s 6-year journey is a significant humanitarian undertaking. The activity has helped hundreds of thousands of children have the opportunity to drink milk more frequently to improve their development, contributing significantly in reducing the rate of malnourished Vietnamese children in recent years. Up to now, the Milk Fund has provided milk to more than 310,000 disadvantaged children in Vietnam—equivalent to 23 million glasses of milk, or about 84 billion VND. In 2010, the Stand Tall Vietnam Milk Fund was honored as "1 of the 10 most prestigious programs in Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs”.


Proposed by Vinamilk and approved and chaired by the Ministry of Education and Training, the "VINAMILK – Nurturing Vietnamese Young Talents" Fund was established in 2003. The program aims to encourage primary school pupils across the country who have outstanding academic results and strong efforts in study. With this activity, Vinamilk is proud to contribute towards education and was honored the merit award "For the Development of Vietnam's Education” by the Ministry of Education and Training.


Vinamilk has been consistently promoting our Vietnamese traditional value "whole leaves wrap torn leaves”, and identifying this as a guideline for all of our community support activities. These activities, organized by Vinamilk’s Executive Board and always received the positive support from all of the company’s employees, are for:

• Offering financial supports to people at different provinces and hospitals who have illness, incurable diseases or life-threatening diseases.

• Supporting and offering gifts and milk for children with special situations at orphanages and abandoned children at humanity centers.

• Supporting people experiencing natural disasters.

• Participating in blood donation programs.

Support & develop community


In the school year 2013-2014, the Fund donated 1.2 million glasses of milk to more than 13,000 children in 57 provinces and cities nationwide. Locations where Vinamilk organized and offered direct milk donation are:


Cities and provinces


Quang Binh


Kien Giang (Phu Quoc)


Phu Tho

Milk donation on the occasion of the inauguration ceremony of two new factories

At the inauguration ceremony of one of the Vietnam's largest dairy factories, and also on the occasion of celebrating the 20th anniversary of the National Malnutrition Prevention Program, Vinamilk and the "Stand Tall Vietnam” Milk Fund donated 150 thousand packs of Vinamilk UHT 100% Fresh Milk "Immune system support" - which were the very first ones produced by the factory's modern production line - to Vietnamese children in 10 provinces that had the highest percentage of malnutrition in children under 5, with total value of VND 1 billion. On the opening day of the Vietnam Powdered Milk factory, Vinamilk's General Director signed to donate "10,000 tins of Dielac Alpha (powdered milk for young children)” at the value of VND 1 billion. These products which was also the very first ones produced by the factory's modern production lines, to the poor and disabled children via Vietnam Children Support Fund and Children Support Fund of Binh Duong province.


In the school year 2013, the program was implemented to:

• Grant 1,000 scholarships worth VND 1 billion.
• Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the "Vinamilk - Nurturing Vietnamese Young Talents" Scholarship Fund in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Training, and organize the "Shining Vietnamese Talents" playground for primary school pupils with the participation of more than 2,000 pupils.


The implemented programs in the school year 2013 include:

Scholarship grants for poor students in Ben Tre province

Vinamilk cooperated with Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin in Ben Tre province to grant scholarships 180 million to 280 orphans, disabled and poor students.

Vinamilk's support for flood victims in central Vietnam

In responding to the call of National Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front towards the northern central provinces affected by the typhoon No. 10 in 2013, during 12th-15th October, Vinamilk visited and presented gifts worth VND 2.3 billion in cash to those severely suffered from the typhoon in the provinces of Quang Tri, Quang Binh, Nghe An and Thanh Hoa. In December 2013, Vinamilk supported severely flooded areas in Quang Ngai Province with the total value of VND 250 million for people to repair their homes and stabilize their lives.

Participation in the "Pink blood" campaign

In 2013, Vinamilk's staff from 12 operating units participated in blood donation campaign, with the total of 850 units of blood donated. At the same time, the trade unions at Vinamilk's operating units also participated in financial supporting for the treatment of disadvantaged people with illness, incurable diseases or fatal diseases at different locations and hospitals with the total amount of VND 956 million, which was partially extracted from Vinamilk's operational funds and partially from the contributions of all its officers and employees. In addition, Vinamilk also participated in supporting the "The fishing nets of love” Program for fishermen in Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) islands with the total amount of VND 300 million.