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The Vietnam Dairy Factory is equipped with modern fresh milk production lines applied state-of-the-art production technology, operated with completely closed process from raw material input to finished product output.

After tested for quality, raw milk will be weighed, filtered and entered into a cold storage silo tank system ( 150 m3/ tank)

Raw milk reception area

Cold storage tanks 150m3/tank


After cold storage, raw milk will be processed, i.e. centrifugated, homogenized, pasteurized, cooled to 4 oC then transferred to tanks and ready for UHT sterilization. Centrifugal separator helps to eliminate almost pathogens and spores.


Centrifugal separator

State-of-the-art UHT sterilization system can heat the milk up to 140 oC and cold down to 25 oC quickly, helps to keep the natural flavor, nutrients, vitamins and minerals of the product. Milk is pumped to aseptic tanks before aseptic filling


UHT sterilization system

The combination of advanced processing technology, UHT Sterilization and aseptic filling helps product remain fresh taste during 6 months without any preservative.


Filling system

LGV automatic robots move pallets of finished product to the smart warehouse. Furthermore, LGV robots also transport packaging materials to filling machines. They can recharge themselves without human intervention.


A LGV automatic robot


RA robot is finding a battery with full electricity to replace when running out of energy

The warehouse is the leading smart warehouse in Vietnam which has an area of 6000 m2 with 20 entrances and exits, width of 105 m, height of 35 m. It is designed with 17 stores, containing up to 27168 lots. Automatic import and export with 15 Rail guided vehicles (RGV) transport pallets of finished product to warehouse and then 8 stacker cranes align them to the shelf system. The management of import and export goods is controlled by Wamas software.


Goods in smart warehouse

The operating system is based on the Tetra Plant Master Automation solution, which is the integration, enables to connect entire plant from raw materials to finished products. According to that, people can control every activity in the factory, monitor and control the quality continuously. The Tetra Plant Master system also provides all the necessary data that helps to continuously improve its production and maintain operations.


In addition, Wamas Warehouse Management System integrated ERP management system and Tetra Plant Master Automation solution provides integrated operation of the plant from production planning, material input to the finished product output.