• Tuyen Quang farm

    Tuyen Quang

  • Thanh Hoa farm

    Thanh Hoa

  • Nhu Thanh farm

    Thanh Hoa

  • Thanh Hoa High-tech farm
    complex - Farm Number 2

    Thanh Hoa

  • Thanh Hoa High-tech farm
    complex - Farm Number 1

    Thanh Hoa

  • Nghe An farm

    Nghe An

  • Ha Tinh farm

    Ha Tinh

  • Binh Dinh farm

    Binh Dinh

  • Da Lat farm

    Lam Dong

  • Tay Ninh farm

    Tay Ninh

  • Lam Dong farm

    Lam Dong

  • Di Linh farm

    Lam Dong

  • Total number of
    dairy cows

    130.000 cows

    (*) including cows' quantity
    of Vietnam's farmer households

  • Quantity of
    raw fresh milk

    950 – 1.000 tons/day

(*) In terms of farms’ quantity, according to Bureau Veritas certification issued on 26th October 2018 and the result of Intage’s market research
report on 10th May 2019 for all farms system in Asia, which achieved Good agriculture practice standards.

4.0 advanced technology
in farm management

Cows are directly imported
from America, Australia, and New Zealand

Daily life of a happy cow in Vinamilk's dairy farms

Natural and airy<br>living space

Natural and airy
living space

Most of the farm's area are covered in green and immense grassland, which provide natural living environment as well as fresh and high quality food for cows.

Cool and moderate<br>living environment

Cool and moderate
living environment

The cooling system with innovative technology which is able to automated sense the temperature inside and outside the barn, ensure to maintain a cool and pleasant atmosphere similar to homeland of the cows. Also, cows are bathed under a mist spraying system that help them feel relaxed and refreshed daily.

Relax with massage<br>every day

Relax with massage
every day

All the stables are equipped with automatic massage brushes, which help to stimulate metabolism of the cow as well as help them feel great pleasure all the time.

Enjoy melodious music<br>with meals

Enjoy melodious music
with meals

Lely Juno - the automatic feed robot, pushes up the food and releases melodious music for cows to relax while eating, help them have good digestion and produce milk with best quality.

Automatic and completely closed milking process,
ensure to deliver the most delicious and purest milk source
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The modern and eco-friendly waste treatment process
help keeps the environment clean and fresh
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standard plants

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dairy farms

Happy Cow,
Happy Milk 100%

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