Optimum Gold Infant Cereal with milk was researched by leading Nutrition Experts in Vietnam and certified by UKAS.

Optimum Gold Infant Cereal with milk contains “superfood“ like salmon, asparagus, kale, Japanese sweet potatoes and oats, bringing to your baby delicious and nutritious meals.

Hỗ trợ hệ tiêu hóa khỏe mạnh

Supporting brain development

DHA combined with folic acid, iodine, iron to support brain development, increase babies’ cognitive and learning skills.
Tăng cường sức đề kháng

Supporting digestive health

Inulin and Probiotics Bifidobacterium B12 (*) to increase beneficial bacteria, inhibit harmful bacteria, support digestive health for babies to absorb nutrients better.
(*) BB-12 is a registered trademark of Chr.Hansen A/S
Giúp hệ xương cứng cáp

Supplementing nutrients for babies
to eat well and grow strong

Vitamin B, Zinc to help babies eat well. Also, Vitamins and Minerals like Zinc, Calcium, Vitamin D3, C, A, E… to help babies grow stronger.

The bag with
a lot of “treasure”

BDD Optimum Gold Thông tin dinh dưỡng

Average nutritional value in 100g

Năng lượng427 kcal
Chất đạm15 g
Chất béo10,8 g
  Acid linoleic2900 mg
  DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid)20 mg
Hyđrat cacbon66,7 g
Chất xơ hoà tan2 g
Lysin1000 mg
Độ ẩm2,5 g
Khoáng chất (*)
Natri150 mg
Kali550 mg
Calci440 mg
Phospho300 mg
Magnesi35 mg
Sắt7,7 mg
Iod80 μg
Kẽm3,2 mg
Vitamin (*)
Vitamin A1100 IU
Vitamin D3260 IU
Vitamin E4 mgTE
Vitamin K114,5 μg
Vitamin C52 mg
Vitamin B1640 μg
Vitamin B2700 μg
Vitamin PP5 mg
Vitamin B6650 μg
Acid folic82 μg
Acid pantothenic2,5 mg
Vitamin B121 μg
Biotin21 μg
Bifidobacterium(**)1 x 109 cfu
Mẹ và bé

Filled with

many flavors Babies love

Oats, Salmon & Vegetables

For babies from 07-24 months

Rice, Kale & Japanese sweet potatoes

For babies from 06-24 months

Oats, Pumpkin & Asparagus

For babies from 07-24 months

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