"Good bacteria for life"

Vinamilk Probi yogurt is fortified with Probiotics
CHR.HANSEN L.CASEI 431™ which help enhance
immune system and reduce illness for the whole family,
especially for kids.

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Ways to boost your immune system & reduce illness

Vinamilk's top nutrition experts share advice on how to
enhance immune system, reduce illness to protect kids for non
stop learning.

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Get health advice from Vinamilk's top nutrition experts and
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Eating Yogurt
Vinamilk Probi Sweetened

Enhanced with 1 billion Probiotics CHR.HANSEN L.CASEI 431™ thanks to European fermentation technology, Probi Yogurt enhances the immune system and digestion for all the family. Recommended by the Vietnam Medical Association. How to use: 2 cups per day, after meals. Not recommended for children under 1 year old.

Nutritional information per 100g

  • Energy


  • Protein


  • Fat


  • Carbohydrate


  • Vitamin D3


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Immune system booster from nature

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