“Good bacteria for life”

What is Probiotic?

Thousands of years ago, the passionate journey yearning for prolonged healthy life led scientists to discover beneficial bacteria, scientifically named Probiotics. In Greek, Probiotics means “for life“.

Over the time, more and more positive benefits of Probiotics are officially recognized, especially its effects on our digestive system and body resistance. Therefore, researches have been continuously conducted throughout the last century to find effective ways to add Probiotics in human’s daily diet.

helps prevent flu

70% of the immune system are located in your gastrointestinal tract, which is home for trillions of both beneficial and harmful bacteria. While good bacteria support digestion and stimulate immune cells, harmful ones create substances that are harmful to the body’s health.

Supplying your gut with probiotics to fight harmful bacteria to keep your intestine healthy, help digestive system and increase immune system. A strong immunity will help fight infectious diseases such as flu and influenza.

Vinamilk Probi,
enhances immune system
and prevents flu

Being launched in 2007, Probi, the leader in Vietnamese probiotic drink market, is a partnership achievement between Vinamilk, Vietnam’s leading nutrition corporate and Chr.Hansen, a global bioscience company.

Probi helps support the digestive and immune system by supplying your gut, with 20 billion exclusive Lactobacillus Paracasei L.Casei 431 and 75IU Vitamin D3 per 100ml. Probi’s strain-L.Casei 431®, one of the strongest and most-studied probiotic strains globally, is the object of more than 20 clinical studies and 80 scientific publications showing that it can reach the intestine alive, then help enhance immunity and prevent flu. They will fight harmful bacteria, help digestion, and stimulate immune cells. Besides, Probi is clinically proven to prevent flu by the Vietnam Institute of Nutrition, which belongs to the Ministry of Health.

Probi’s fermentation process is 7 times longer than other yogurts’ to ensure the quantity of probiotic count.

Moreover, Probi is recommended by Vietnam Medical Association, making it the most-trusted and benefit-driven probiotic brand in the market.

The study results

From August, 2015 to February, 2016, Vietnam Institute of Nutrition conducted a clinical study on “Effect of Probi fermented probiotic milk drink on nutritional status and influenza in children aged 2 – 5 years in some communes of Hai Duong Province”. The subjects of study were children with malnutrition and risk of underweight malnutrition. The results indicated that children who drank Probi 5 days a week for 12 weeks (1 bottle / day) got significant improvement on their nutritional status and influenza, compared to the non-drinkers.

Significant reduction in flu incidence
during 12 weeks of intervention

Reduction in the number of flu days
during 12 weeks of intervention

Vinamilk yogurt

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