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    The effects of Vinamilk Probi Drinking Yogurt on the immune system

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    The effectiveness of Vinamilk probi yogurt on flu prevention

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FAQs - Nutrition experts

Vinamilk Sữa Chua
Applications of Probiotics
I often hear the name of Vietnam Medical Association. Is it a prestigious organization.

Vietnam Medical Association is non-governmental organization, participates in managing private medical and pharmaceutical practices in Vietnam; provides consultancy, judgment and social expertise in science and technology; and continue to strengthen  domestical relations. In 2014, the General Medical Council of Vietnam became a member of the World Medical Association.

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Vinamilk Sữa Chua
Knowledge of Probiotics
May I ask what are beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria?

Our digestive system always exists a balanced by the beneficial microbes and harmful microorganisms: – Beneficial bacteria help maintain our health by disposing of harmful microorganisms, eliminate diseases, stimulates digestion and enhances digestive health. – Bad bacteria are microorganisms that weaken our immunity, lower body resistance, making the body become susceptible to a number of inflammatory diseases, especially diseases of the respiratory and digestive systems. If this balance is lost, the rate of harmful bacteria increases, our immune system will be weakened, our body’s resistance is lowered, making our body to be susceptible to a number of inflammatory diseases, especially diseases of the digestive system and respiratory.

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Vinamilk Sữa Chua
Applications of Probiotics
I heard about the Probiotics CHR. Hansen L. Casei 431™ in Vinamilk Yogurt ads. What are their significant features?

According to researches by the company CHR Hansen – Denmark, adding Probiotics CHR. Hansen L. Casei 431™ to our daily diets will bring great benefits for our bodies as follows: – Increases the body’s resistance – Reduces the rate of using antibiotics – Helps produce antibodies – Enhances immunity to fight against some common diseases. – Help fight against the risks of disease transmission through mucosal – For men who often consume alcohol, probiotics will help soothe a headache, nausea and purify the liver.

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Vinamilk Sữa Chua
Knowledge of Probiotics
Vinamilk Probi Yogurt packaging is pretty small. How many beneficial bacteria does one product contain?

Vinamilk Probi Probiotics Yogurt product range consists of two categories: – Vinamilk Probi Spoonable Yogurt in 100g cup contains about 1 billion beneficial Probiotics CHR.HANSEN L.CASEI 431™ – Vinamilk Probi Drinking Yogurt in 65ml bottle contains about 13 billions beneficial Probiotics CHR.HANSEN L.CASEI 431™ Recommendation: Consume 2-3 cups / bottles per day to support your immune system and increase body’s resistance.

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Vinamilk Sữa Chua
Product knowledge
Should I drink Vinamilk Probi Yogurt regularly or not?

It should be taken regularly every day to ensure the right amount of beneficial intestinal bacteria to protect our digestive system.

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Vinamilk Sữa Chua
Applications of Probiotics
What are the differences between Vinamilk Probi and other probiotic-infused yogurt products?

“Vinamilk Probi Drinking Yoghurt assets the following unique features: + It provides about 13 billion beneficial probiotics to support your immune system and body resistance. + It is fermented with yeast strains exclusively from Denmark: Probiotics CHR. Hansen L. Casei 431™ with European fermentation technology. + There are many flavors to choose from: Sweetened, Strawberry, Melon, Less Sugar. + There are many sizes to suit your needs: 65ml bottles and 130ml bottles. + It has clinically proven efficacy of “”supporting intestinal immune and increasing body resistance”” and is recommended by Vietnam Medical Association.”

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Expert conner - How to boost immune system

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