Probiotics –

Thousands of years ago, the passionate journey yearning for  prolonged healthy life led scientists to discover beneficial bacteria, scientifically named Probiotics. In Greek, Probiotics means “for life “. Over the time, more and more positive benefits of Probiotics are officially recognized, especially its effects on our digestive system and body resistance. Therefore, researches have been continuously conducted throughout the last century to find effective ways to add Probiotics in human’s daily diet. Since 2007, Vinamilk Probi Yogurt was an achievement of scientific researches between Vinamilk and Danish CHR Hansen – the leading Probiotics group in Europe. Vinamilk Probi Yogurt is fortified with billions of exclusive probiotics L. Casei 431®, with 10 times longer fermentation than normal yogurt products to ensure effective quantity of beneficial bacteria in each yogurt cup. This product is recommended for use by Vietnam Medical Association to keep your family stay healthy, stay happy every single moment in life.

Probiotics bacteria for life

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